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Justin Bieber
I'm surprised no one made an account of him :O

He's a great inspiration for unknown people with great talents. And he's freaking hot too!

For the small minded people out there, I am not Justin Bieber or posing as him. Just a big fan of his :D

My World comes out November 17th, 2009 ;P

I'm totally buying the album on iTunes!
  • Listening to: Love Me - Justin Bieber (of course!)
  • Watching: True Jackson VP - True Concert

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Justinbieber by Piepaws
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This guy's the reason Nicki Minaj was made :V
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Those 100 thousand pageviews... Shame they have been wasted on this little brat. :saddummy:
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:iconryuhayabusaplz:*activates the True Dragon Sword*
:iconjustinbieberplz::iconsaysplz:What's that?
:iconryuhayabusaplz::iconsaysplz:Your death will cleanse the music world. Now stand still as I cut you up and down and left to right with the True Dragon Sword. Don't worry, it'll be quick, as I can't use this weapon for long. *dagnabit*
:iconryuhayabusaplz::iconsaysplz:I guess I can give you a last explanation before killing you. The TDS threatens the balance of the world. That's why. And it can only kill that which is truly evil. Now stand still.
:iconjustinbieberplz: *shit, I'm so dead. I'm evil, and that blade is gonna kill me*:iconsaysplz:I won't stand sti... *naruto holds him in place*
:iconshippudennarutoplz::iconsaysplz:Ryu, now.
:iconjustinbieberplz::iconsaysplz:Let go of me. *to Ryu* Have mercy.
:iconryuhayabusaplz::iconsaysplz:Never. *cuts justin bieber to pieces of sushi of blood, guts and organs*
:iconjustinbieberplz:*lolded* :iconbloodplz:
:iconshippudennarutoplz::iconsaysplz:Excellent job, dattebayo.
:iconryuhayabusaplz::iconsaysplz:Same to you.
The two shinobi leave to their homes.
RIP justin. But no one came to her funeral. Not even a priest/padre. NO ONE.
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